Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today was a good day.
My husband and I went out to fall a couple of trees on our land, bucking them up for firewood. Perfect afternoon for outdoor work - sun shining brightly, but cool enough to make physical work a joy rather than an uncomfortable chore. Afterwards we decided to wander down to the bay to check out the salmon stream ... it appears that the run has pretty much finished at this point, but we enjoyed watching an eagle perched in a fir beside the spawning beds, scanning hopefully for a straggler, spent and easy prey after fulfilling the species' imperative for the continuation of future generations. Naturally I didn't have my camera with me. Any other time I would have, I usaully carry it with me everywhere ( you never know when a photo opportunity will present itself  ). Never mind, it was lovely to have the chance to observe our winged neighbour in such peaceful surroundings.
After our avian friend floated off to check further downstream we continued on to the bay to sit on the grassy bank for a bit, enjoying the Autumn sunshine and the gentle signs of life across the water at the dock. We never tire of this Island, the beauty of it's changing moods, each season  unique, announcing itself with it's own distinct personality.
While we were basking, a fellow we had noticed rowing in the bay made his way over to us, beaching his skiff and calling out a friendly "Hello..."
He introduced himself and asked us shyly whether we enjoyed scallops. ( Who doesn't enjoy scallops?! )
We chuckled, answering, "Of course!", whereupon he handed us an enormous pail of gorgeous pink and cream-colored free-swimming scallops, so fresh that they rustled as he swung the pail, shells closing in reaction to his movement.
We were completely charmed and taken aback by this generous gesture from a man who a couple of minutes before had been a complete stranger to us! We talked for a while, exchanging bits about ourselves, and we left the bay today having made a new friend.
What a lovely way to conclude a day. When we return the bucket I'll place a couple of jars of our preserves inside, a thank you for his generosity of spirit.
This is a perfect illustration of why we love this special place ... it seems to attract people who haven't forgotten their humanity, who care for their neighbours and the land, treating each with respect and gratitude.
Tonight we'll have a meal that most folks would pay dearly for, tasting even better for having been seasoned
with good feelings.


  1. I thought you would have to die in order to find a place like this. Lucky you.....